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                来源:公益外贸人才网(Tradehr.org) 时间:2011-10-27 11:01:00

                您昨都是神器日来信已收悉, 谨于此按您〗所约定的条件。接︾受此项任务。

                I acknowledge receipt of your letter of yesterday, and gratefully accept the appointment on the terms you mention.

                本月5日ω 来函敬悉。

                We acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 5th inst.

                本商品将于12月最后一班轮船付运, 货到时请惠于告知。

                Kindly acknowledge receipt, and have the goods sent by the last steamer in December.

                我们如期收到您515日的信, 信中所谈本命法寶勾魂鈴事宜尽悉。谢谢。

                We duly received your favour of the 15th May, contents of which we note with thanks.

                66来函收悉, 我们无法交运该货, 甚感遗撼。

                We are in possession o fyour favour of the 6th June, and regret having to inform you that it is impossible for us to deliver the goods.


                公司断定我」们所提供的货色优良, 价格公道, 感谢贵公司给我们一个机会, 使我们的要求得以实现。

                We are certain that we are offering a sound article at popular price, and we should appreciate an opportunity to substantiate our claims.

                贵公司56日函悉, 本公司无法承购贵公司开价的商品。此复。

                In answer to your favour of the 6th May, we inform you that we are unable to take the goods offered by you.

                关于贵公司所询麦麸一事, 现可提供 劍皇初期该货20吨。

                In answer to your inquiry for bran, we offer you 20 tons of the same.

                贵函收悉, 此地商场仍保○持平静。

                Answering to your letter, we state that the market remains quiet.

                至今未复58日贵函, 甚感歉疚, 还望原谅。

                Kindly excuse our not replying to your favour of the 8th May unitl today.

                关于所询H.先生的⌒ 情况, 谨此高兴地告知, 他是一位足以〖信赖的人。

                In response to your inquiry respecting Mr. H., we have pleasure in stating that he is a thoroughly reliable man.

                关于S.公司你也想要這個名額的情况, 我们特此欣百花谷掌教笑道然函复。

                We are glad to answer your inquiry concerning S. & Company.

                关于J.先生的情况↓, 谨此高兴地告知, 我们认为他是绝对可以信赖的人。

                Answering to your inquiry respecting Mr. J., we are pleased to say that we found him absolutely reliable.

                17日贵函关于结帐一事, 谨此告知, 我们将很快寄去支票。

                Replying to your letter of the 17th respecting the account, I will send you a cheque shortly.


                我方已在本市开设贸易与总代ㄨ理店, 特此通知。同时, 恳请订购。

                Having established ourselves in this city, as merchants and general agents, we take the liberty of acquainting you of it, and solicit the preference of your order.

                本公司于51日将改为股份有限公試試司, 特此奉告。

                We are pleased to inform you that our business will be turned into a limited company on the 1st May.

                本公司股东年会, 将于31日在银行家俱此時卻突然多出了三四把仙器乐部召开, 特此函告。

                Notice is hereby given that the annual general meeting of the shareholders of our company will be held at the Bankers' Club on Mar. 1.

                今天我们已付给R.S.先生120美元, 特此告知。

                By this we inform you that we have today paid Mr. R.S. $120.

                通过这些ぷ渠道, 他们会发来甚多订单, 特此函告。

                Through these lines, we intimate you that they may send you considerable orders.